The Bella Nghi Son Hotel situates right at the central of the Nghi Son Economic Zone. The hotel is only within three to five minutes reach by car from the most important surrounding industry sites such as the Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Complex, the Nghi Son Thermal Power Stations 1 & 2. Only 150m of distance you can reach the Nghi Son cement plant. Highlighted by the sea site location, the Bella Nghi Son is an ideal place for staying, relaxing and refreshing after long working days or for long business trips.

The Bella Nghi Son is renovated and constructed on the foot of the Phu Quy hotel, the first and the oldest hotel in Nghi Son. The construction and the evolvement of Bella Nghi Son span over several progressive phases. In parallel to the renovation of 40 existing standard rooms of the old Phu Quy hotel, we will put into the service the completely new built deluxe apartments of Bella village and a Bella restaurant by the end of 2014.